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  • Total credits: The minimum graduation credit is 168 credits, including: 26 credits for compulsory courses [including: life situation English I and II, Chinese reading and writing I, II, sports I, II, general workplace English, club learning and Practice I, II, Labor education, Programming and logic operation, citizen and society, information technology and application, history and Culture and service study and education], 6 credits for the elective course, and at least 2 credits for each of the 3 fields (including: art and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), 10 credits for the college compulsory, 108 credits for the professional compulsory, the professional elective at least 18 credits (Includes 12 credits for recognition of other departments, excluding general education courses).
  • The first and second grades of the National Defense Education Military Training (I, II, III, IV, V) are elective, each 0 credits / 2 hours, total 0 credits / 8 hours; the first grade of sports (I and II) is compulsory, each 2 credits / 2 hours, total 4 credits / 4 hours; the first year of the club practice and study (I and II) is compulsory, each 1 credit / 1 hour, total 2 credits / 2 hours; first year of Labor education is required for 1 credit / 2 hours; the second year of service learning education is compulsory 1 credit / 1 hour; English ability graded teaching, divided into three levels A, B, C.
  • Practice instructions: hospital pharmacy practice required 9 credits, at least 640 hours of practice; pharmacy practice I and II compulsory 2 credits each, At least 320 hours of practice; the practice is other units outside the hospital, including community pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, research units, government-related units and pharmacy overseas practice.
  • Credits for each grade: At least 16 credits per semester in the first to third grades, up to 25 credits; fourth to fifth grades at least 9 credits per semester, up to 25 credits.
  • Graduation threshold and supporting measures: (1) Chinese language ability must pass the Chinese language proficiency test of the school. Those who have failed to pass the book should read the experience of the book. After examination and approval by the Chinese Proficiency Test Team, please refer to the implementation points of the Chinese language proficiency test of the students; (2) English proficiency must pass the CEF-B1 level. Those who have not passed the exam can choose the intermediate course of "English Verification". Those who pass the test will be recognized. Please refer to the implementation points of the English Verification Course. (3) Information ability must pass If the license items listed in the "Information Licensing Approval List" of the school are not passed, you can add the "Information Skills Remedial Class" and then add the certification exam. Please refer to the school's information ability test implementation points; (4) Professional ability The license may not be used at the same time to the information capability license, and vice versa; (5) the professional ability must obtain the cardiopulmonary and phlegm (CPR) certificate; the professional ability supporting measures, please refer to the graduation threshold and identify the operation points.
  • Other descriptions: The module course is divided into three modules: Clinical pharmacy, Pharmaceutical management and pharmaceutical technology. At least one of the three modules must be repaired (6 credits) and at least 2 credits from other modules. Total of 8 credits are included in the graduation credits.